Chill Out! Roses


When I moved to Alaska 20 years ago, I was told that I could only grow ‘Sitka’ roses, the hardy, mauve rugosas that were everywhere. I had to agree that they had the best scent around and were tough, but I wanted variety. Over the years, I have probably planted 400 different varieties of full size and miniature roses. I now have about 50 toughest of the tough roses growing in my gardens. Look through the pages and see which ones you’d like to try.

Contact phone: 907-688-3998


I changed website hosts so all of the old site is gone. I’ve disabled the ability to order from the website because shipping to the Lower 48 doesn’t work well from Alaska: our seasons don’t match up with the rest of the world!
We’re located at 20837 Birchwood Spur Rd. #10, Chugiak, Alaska. Call for directions and store hours.
Alaska hardy roses: more than just Sitkas